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At Dental Edge, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the dental industry. Our suite of specialized digital marketing services is designed to drive your practice forward. We're committed to helping you connect with new patients, boost your online presence, and manage your reputation effectively.
"The Secret of Getting the Best Results for Your Dental Practice is understanding the marketing formula Dental Edge Media will teach you"
Dr. J. Rooker
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Tailored Strategies for Growth

Dental Edge crafts bespoke digital marketing strategies specifically for the dental industry. We know your unique needs and tailor our services accordingly, providing you with an edge in a competitive market.

Comprehensive, One-Stop Solution

We offer an all-inclusive suite of services, from SEO optimization and website development to lead generation and review management. With Dental Edge, you have a one-stop solution for all your dental marketing needs.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Through targeted email marketing, user-friendly website designs, and robust review management, we ensure your practice not only attracts new patients but also keeps them engaged and loyal. With Dental Edge, your patient relationships don't end in the dental chair.
Choosing Dental Edge Media as your dental marketing partner comes with distinct advantages. We're more than just a marketing agency - we're your strategic partner dedicated to driving your practice's growth and success. Here are just a few of the benefits you'll enjoy when you work with us!
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"Knowledgeable, professional, and a joy to work with. the team at Dental Edge, they have been an integral part of our marketing for over a year and a half and have delivered in lead generation and website optimization. If you are reviewing agencies then I highly recommend talking with Dental Tech" - Trimble Dental
"Dental Edge Media has been handling our social media accounts for several months. They've done an amazing job with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Most importantly, we have seen many new patients in the practice as a result of their efforts." - Taconic Dental
Let's get started. We make it super easy for you.
At Dental Edge Media, we understand that every dental practice is unique, and so are their marketing needs. That's why we've designed three flexible marketing packages to choose from. Each one offers a distinct level of service and is built to cater to different stages of your practice's growth journey. Let's find the right one for you:

Starter Package: Digital Presence

Kickstart your digital journey with our Starter Package. We'll design an SEO-optimized website, set up your social media profiles, and initiate a basic email marketing strategy. This package offers a solid foundation for your dental practice to build an online presence.

Growth Package: Patient Attraction

With our Growth Package, take your marketing to the next level. This includes advanced SEO techniques, targeted lead generation campaigns, and enhanced email marketing services. With this package, we aim to drive more traffic, generate qualified leads, and increase your patient base.

Premium Package: Total Dominance

The Premium Package is for those aiming for complete digital dominance. On top of the services offered in the Growth Package, you get comprehensive review management, advanced automation, and personalized marketing consultancy. This package is all about growing your reputation, patient loyalty, and practice's reach to unprecedented levels.
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